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3 Things To Know About UFC 183

Posted by Rory Harris on Dec 30, 2014 9:00:00 AM

It is only now a matter of weeks before Anderson "The Spider" Silva returns to the Octagon™ for UFC® 183

You had to have been living under a rock to miss Silva's injury seen round the world last year during his title fight against current middleweight champion, Chris Weidman. 

The pound-for-pound legend, who still holds most of the records in UFC®, will return to the Octagon™ to fight the fellow UFC™ returner, polarizing Nick Diaz. 

1. Silva has been working all year for his return 

Silva, who broke his fibula and tibia in the kick leading to the injury, has been recovering. Silva has been working intensely to not only repair the physical damage done by the career-threatening injury, but also the damage the event did to his psyche. 

Just a month and a half after the horrific incidentat UFC® 168, Silva began training for a return. Having ruled the middleweight division of the UFC® for over five years, he has made no mention of any possibility for retirement. 

Instead, he has been consistently training and even working with a psychologist to get over any leftover hesitation or lingering fears he may have in the Octagon™ since the injury. 

2. Diaz will not go quietly 

Diaz is notorious, especially recently, for calling out other UFC® fighters and the UFC® as a whole. He has made big claims about notand not receiving the level of fights he deserves. 

NickDiaz HeadshotHis claims have been heard. 

In some ways, this fight is a chance for the previously retired Diaz to prove to the organization he is a force to be reckoned with or if he is just an outspoken middleweight whose bark his bigger than his bite. 

It is time for Diaz to put his money where his mouth is. UFC® 183 is his chance. 

Regardless of the fight's outcome, however, we know it will not be the last we will hear of Diaz. The infamous UFC® tough guy from Stockton is not the type to go quietly and will surely put up quite a fight during and after UFC® 183. 

3. Female Bantamweights will be an Intense Fight 

UFC Fight Aerial Shot NoDespite having both loss to current long-standing champion Ronda Rousey, both Miesha Tate and Sara McMann are fierce contenders in the Bantamweight division. The women are ranked as two of the top three fighters in the division, only overshadowed by the unstoppable Rousey. 

Tate is coming off of a two-win streak,having outscored Rin Nakai for a recent win, as well as winning via unanimous decision over Liz Carmouche last spring. A win over McMann would mean Tate could continue her winning streak and work towards challenging Rousey in the Octagon™ for a third time. 

McMann, a former Olympic wrestler, has made no bones about the only female fighter she fears in the Octagon™ being the titleholder, Rousey, herself. 

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