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4 Tips for Attending UFC 186 on a Budget

Posted by Rory Harris on Mar 23, 2015 12:31:55 PM

Have you heard? You can attend UFC® 186 to see the biggest rematch of the year LIVE without breaking the bank!

octagon.jpgUFC® 186 will take place April 15, in Montreal and will be headlined by current bantamweight champion, T.J. Dillashaw, and the man who he took the belt from him in one of the biggest upsets in UFC® history, Renan Barao.

With a fight card this big, one would assume it would be incredibly expensive to attend. However, it doesn’t have to be! You can enjoy watching the two closely-matched bantamweights and the rest of the fighters featured on the card face-off live without draining your bank account by following these four tips. 

1. Book Early 

The best way to ensure you make your trip to UFC® 186 as budget-friendly as possible is to book your experience sooner rather than later! Airline tickets to Montreal are always cheaper when purchased ahead of time and you will have a larger selection of seats at UFC® 186 to choose from, which allows you to create your own budget.

If you are interested in booking an all-inclusive experience (AKA, an Official Ticket Package) with UFC VIP Experience, you will definitely want to book sooner rather than later, as well, as these tend to go fast. Why? Well, UFC VIP Experience's Official Ticket Package bundle tickets to the fight night, the weigh-ins, fighter Q&As, all-inclusive VIP hospitality access, and much more, making them a hot commodity!

Grab Your Friends2. Grab Your Friends

The more the merrier… and the less expensive! If you want to keep the cost of your experience relatively low, invite your friends! Sharing travel, meal and accommodation costs will all help in making your trip to see UFC® 186 LIVE more affordable.

Plus, everything is more fun with friends! Let's face it, attending a UFC® match was not meant to be done alone! 

3. Make It All-Inclusive 

With UFC VIP Experience’s Official Ticket Packages, you can have an all-inclusive weekend unlike any other while at UFC® 186. As an Official Package holder, or a #UFCVIP, you will receive exclusive access to the VIP Hospitality Party Room complete with a complimentary gourmet buffet, an open bar and plenty of comfortable seating for hours leading up to the big match-up.

While lounging in the VIP Hospitality Party Room, you will get to mingle with Octagon Girls™, MMA legends and current UFC® fighters! You will even have multiple opportunities to get autographs and photo-ops with some of the most famous faces in the MMA world!

BackstageUFC175-watermarked4. Make it Worth the While

A common mistake fans make when attending sporting events and one that ends up costly, is purchasing everything at the event a la carte. If you have made the decision to attend UFC® 186, you want to ensure you're getting the best deal and the greatest experience possible!

With UFC VIP Experience, you can rest assured you'll have the time of your life while getting the most "bang for your buck!"

As a VIP, you will get behind-the-scenes access to the UFC® with exclusive access to pre-fight weigh-ins, fighter Q&A’s, Octagon™ tours, and more! Your time in Montreal will be worth every cent with UFC VIP Experience’s Official Ticket Packages. With the exclusive extras and amenities you will receive, it will be a weekend you will never forget… and you cannot put a price on that!

Get to UFC® 186!

_tamber_miller21-1.jpgThis highly-anticipated bout between the two bantamweights is one you will not want to miss! All fans are waiting on the edge of their seats to see if Barao will be able to win back his title after Dillashaw dominated him during their last bout.

View the T.J. Dillashaw vs Renan Barao Breakdown Here >>

If you want to attend UFC® 186 through UFC VIP Experience’s budget-friendly Official Ticket Packages, you can easily make it happen!

From fantastic seating locations to VIP inclusions, UFC VIP Experience has the perfect experience waiting for you!

Visit UFC VIP Experience's website to fill-out the form for additional information by clikcing the button below, or call 1-855-827-5531 to speak to a representative. It's time to get your #UFCVIP experience started!
Find Your Seat at UFC 186! 

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