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How to Attend UFC 183 on a Budget

Posted by Niala Samnarine on Dec 13, 2014 12:00:00 PM

UFC Event Thumbnail UFCWith a thrilling UFC® 181 now in the books, MMA fans can set their sights on what’s to come in the New Year.

The 2015 UFC® event schedule has been released. See it for yourself here.

So many events, so little time, but what many in the fight community are looking forward to most, is the highly anticipated return of both Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz during late January’s UFC® 183 fight night.

Fighter vs Fighter Breakdown

You already know you want to be there, but with the holidays and New Year’s right around the corner who can afford to shell out that kinda dough? Read on for insider tips on how to attend UFC® 183 on a budget and get up close and personal during a UFC VIP Experience!

Bundle Up (Baby’s, it’s expensive outside!)

Unless you’re a Las Vegas local, it’s wise to bundle your UFC® 183 experience. I’m talking tickets to fight night, food and beverages, pre-events and hotel.

Buying all of these a la carte can really add up. Many fans will inevitably turn to the secondary market to find tickets, and as of today, seats around the Octagon™ are in the thousands (just to get in the door!)

In addition, you’ve got to shell out even more for food, beverages, souvenirs, hotel, transportation, and more. So where can you get your UFC® 183 experience bundled?

UFC VIP Experience combines accommodations, the best views of the event, pre-event access, tours of the backstage and Octagon™ areas, VIP Hospitality party access (complete with gourmet food, open bar and Octagon™ girl and Fighter appearances), Official UFC VIP Experience gift bags and more.

Check out the experience yourself:



Buddy System

Go with a friend, family member or significant other!

Sharing the cost of a hotel room, transportation and other necessities can really reduce the financial burden of attending the event. Even taking advantage of BOGO offers at restaurants and events outside of UFC® 183 will be helpful. After all, what’s a trip to the Fight Capital of the World without taking in some events and world-class food!

BONUS: If you and your buddy decide in advance that you’d like to go, you can gift each other a portion of the trip for the holidays.

The Early Bird Gets The Experience

Book early! As alluded to earlier, tickets for this event have gone quickly and fans who wait any longer will find they’re stuck dealing with scalpers or the secondary market--neither are good options in terms of pricing and ticket validity.

Additionally because this is a high profile UFC® event essentials like reservations at hotels and restaurants will be gone quickly. So book early and ensure your presence at UFC® 183.

Get a UFC® 183 VIP Experience

If you’re flying in, looking to bundle your experience, or going with a friend booking a UFC VIP Experience for late January is the way to go

There are currently two packages available for MMA fans wanting to attend:

Ufc Logo

Both include optional accommodations, tickets to the event, access to the exclusive UFC VIP Hospitality Party Venue complete with gourmet food buffets, open bar (beer and wine only or full premium open bar), appearances by Octagon™ girls and fighters, simulcast TV coverage of the prelims (or a dedicated entrance to back and forth from the party venue to your seats to watch the action live), complimentary Official Programs and UFC VIP Experience gift bags and so much more!

So book early and make your budget happy. Will we see you in Las Vegas?   

Book Your Experience to UFC 183!

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