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Cutting Weight and Fighter Nutrition 101

Posted by Niala Samnarine on Aug 14, 2014 5:13:40 PM

Cutting Weight and Fighter Nutrition 101Whether you’re a fan of MMA or a hopeful future fighter, odds are you’ve heard about cutting weight. Becoming a professional athlete, regardless of sport, requires a great deal of discipline and at least a basic knowledge of nutrition.

One of the more grueling aspects of the sports comes, not inside the Octagon but out. In addition to conditioning and training, fighters must also pay attention to nutrition as many have said it’s equally as important as physical conditioning.

Anyone who’s tried to make weight before a fight or who’s even witnessed a UFC weigh-in knows first-hand how strenuous the process is. So prepare to learn the ins and outs of cutting weight and fighter nutrition!

Cutting Weight

If this term is unfamiliar to you, not to worry! Cutting weight basically is the rapid weight loss UFC fighters undergo in order to compete within their set weight category.

The human body is comprised of 50-60% water. For many fighters getting rid of this excess water includes everything from high cardio workouts, to wearing sweat suit or even sitting in saunas wearing a sweat suit. (We’re sweating just thinking about it!)

This dramatic loss of fluids can leave fighters in a vulnerable state when it comes fight time, especially if they haven’t managed to rehydrate in time. The solution (or at least a little less painful way) to doing this is by having a proper nutrition and diet regime.

Have you or anyone you known every cut weight? What was the experience like? Do you have a ‘best’ or ‘worst’ story? Share in the comments below!

Fighter Nutrition

Making weight is never going to be a pleasant process, however, as many UFC fighters and trainers have corroborated, proper nutrition and diet can make a fighter’s life much, much easier on weigh-in day.

Plenty of people can cut weight safely, thus retaining the size and strength advantage to which they are accustomed. However, for those who have not stayed 10 pounds within their weight class, weigh-in day will be rough.

Cutting Weight and Fighter Nutrition 101

To be better prepared, following a good nutrition plan is the first step. One popular diet for MMA fighters is the Dolce Diet. This focuses on low carb, high nutrition foods. By eating like this fighters are able to continue eating, but still lose weights while still retaining the amount of nutrition they intake.

This process usually helps them drop fat and unnecessary wait, while making it less brutal if they need to go in for a last minute weight cut.

What’s your best advice for cutting weight? Is that a specific diet and nutrition plan that you follow to make the process easier?

Be At a UFC Weigh-In

Backstage watermarkedAside from seeing the effort that fighters put in to cut weight, UFC weigh-ins are a good time to see who means business and who’s just talking in the talk!

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