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Find Your Seat at UFC 183

Posted by Niala Samnarine on Dec 20, 2014 11:55:00 AM

UFC Event Thumbnail UFCAnyone who’s ever waited on line at an amusement park to get the first or last row, or searched for the perfect viewing section at an opening night movie knows all too well how important finding your seat can be!

It’s the difference maker when it comes to your experience and at UFC® events, finding your seat is just as important.

The view is just one aspect of finding your seat, read on for the three questions you have to ask yourself before selecting a UFC VIP Experience at UFC® 183:

What kind of view do I need?

MGM Grand Garden Arena is one of the most famed venues in combat sports. How close you would like to be to the action and the kind of view you want are crucial to your experience. With a UFC® 183 VIP Experience there are two views currently available:

Elite Experience (P1 Floor view): These coveted floor seats provide you with an unobstructed view of the Octagon™!

Superfan Experience (P1 Riser view): Situated directly above the Owner's Section, this elevated seating provides a view of the entire Octagon™ and the happenings in the VIP and celebrity section, as well.

What sort of VIP extras do I want?

What truly separate finding your seat at a UFC® event from almost any other: the VIP extras that are standard with a UFC VIP Experience package. This is the stuff you’ll write home about! Ask yourself, do you want access to:

  • VIP Hospitality Venue Access
  • Celebrity Fighter & Octagon Girl™ Appearances
  • Open Bar and Gourmet Food Buffets
  • Fighter Q&A (Friday)
  • The Weigh-In (Friday)
  • UFC Octagon Tour (Saturday)
  • UFC® 183 Rehearsal and Sound Check (Saturday)
  • Photo Opp with Championship Belt (Saturday)
  • Merchandise and Official Gift Bags

Backstage Watermarked

Depending on what looks most enticing to you, you may once again select between the Official Elite and Superfan Experience Packages. Both offer all of the above, with Elite offering the UFC Octagon Tour and a full, premium open bar and Superfan offering UFC® 183 Rehearsal and Sound Check and wine and beer open bar.

What’s my budget?

Let’s face it, for many of us, finding a seat is weighted more by our budget than the extras or view. Luckily with UFC VIP Experience your view and VIP extras come bundled into one great price!

There are currently two packages available as alluded to above:

Superfan Experience starting at $2,299

Elite Experience starting at $2,799

Lest we forget the most important part: UFC® 183 is not just any other UFC® fight night. It will feature the main event and highly anticipated return of both Anderson Silva and Nate Diaz.

Will it be Silva’s epic return to the top of MMA or will it truly be the end of his storied career? Will Diaz back up all of his talk, or will he fall victim to The Spider? Only those who find their seat at UFC® 183 will bear witness!

The current card is available at ufcvipexperience.com and will get UFC® fans salivating for what’s to come! Will we see you in Las Vegas?

Find My Seat at UFC 183!

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