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Find Your Seat at UFC 184

Posted by Niala Samnarine on Dec 27, 2014 11:55:00 AM

It seems that for UFC® fans, Ronda Rousey can do no wrong. Feb. 28th will see UFC® 184 touchdown at the Staples Center in Los Angeles with an epic match-up. 

Find Your Seat at UFC 184

UFC® fans are hoping they’ll be there to witness Rousey's winning streak continue… or a new female bantamweight champ be crowned, but first thing’s first: Finding your seat at UFC® 184!

Choose Your View

The coveted Owner’s Section may already be sold out through UFC VIP Experience, but there are still five other amazing views to be had!

VIP Section: get reserved seating in the P1 floor and get close to the champion or fighter walkout in rows 1 & 2

Ultimate Experience: reserved seating in the P1 floor opposite fighter walkouts in row 1 & 2

Elite Experience: puts you in P1 floor between fighter walkout rows 3-6

Superfan Experience: get reserved seating in P1 riser’s center arena rows 1-3

Fan Experience: get your seats in P1 riser center arena rows 12-15

How close would you like to be when Weidman takes on Vitor Belfort and Rousey faces Cat Zingano? There’s more to finding your seat than just the view, there’s also…

Choose Your Extras

Selecting your VIP extras: If you’re truly going to get the UFC VIP Experience you need all the VIP extras and access that comes with an official package!

While the fights are the main attraction all the extras is what will make this a bucket list, VIP event. Of the five packages here are the extras to select from:

Fan and Superfan Packages*:

Get access to the exclusive VIP Hospitality Venue that’s open prior to fight night til the main card kicks off. It will be brimming with gourmet food buffets, a complimentary beer and wine bar (cash for premium beverages), and fighter and Octagon girl appearances for you to snag autographs and photos! Package also come with a reserved seat to both the Fighter Q & A and Weigh-Ins on Friday, an exclusive seat at the rehearsal and sound check, as well as an official UFC® 184 event program and UFC VIP Experience Gift Bag full of goodies and official swag!

*The only difference between the packages are the view you select!

Get the Fan Experience at UFC 184

Get a Superfan Experience at UFC 184

Elite and Ultimate Experience*:

You get everything outlined above, with a little extra. Your VIP Hospitaliy Venue access comes with all of the goodies above and a full premium open bar. While you will see the rehearsal and sound check you also get to take your shoes off and climb into the very same Octagon where Weidman and Rousey will be fighting in later that night! Additionally snap a picture with the UFC® championship belt once inside the Octagon.

*Again, the differentiator here is the seat location.

Choose the Elite Experience at UFC 184

Get the Ultimate Experience at UFC 184

VIP Section:

Almost identical to the  Elite and Ultimate Experience Official Package extras, guests who opt for the VIP Section Package receive an exclusive backstage behind-the-scenes tour. In the past, guests who’ve opted for this package level have met fighters right before they hit the scale for weigh-ins, champions who may not have been fighting that night, and many more.

Select the VIP Section at UFC 184

See the Experience:



The only thing standing between you and creating your own UFC VIP Experience is finding your seat. Time to ask yourself where would you like to be sitting, and what memories would you like to have when you attend UFC® 184?

Will we see you in LA?

Find My Seat at UFC 184

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