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Get Your Tickets to UFC® 196

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Feb 9, 2016 11:07:05 AM

UFC-Event-Thumbnail-UFC-197-UFC-VIP-Experience.jpgUFC 196 is one of the biggest UFC events of the year, so naturally you want to make an experience out of it. We don't blame you one bit.

Why not go all out in Vegas?

Picking the right ticket package can be a challenge do you base your decision on seating location, exclusive access or a combination of both? 

To help make your life a little easier, we are breaking down the UFC 196 ticket packages based on seating location and access. 

Pick Your UFC® 196 Seat

For UFC 196, you have 11 different seating options to choose from – we make sure you get the perfect seat and won’t miss a minute of the action. Take a look below at the available seating options. 

P1 Floor

Owner’s Section --- Reserved Seating in the P1 Floor | Owner's Section, Row C
VIP --- Reserved Seating in the P1 Floor | Rows 1 - 2 - Fighter Walkout
Ultimate --- Reserved Seating in the P1 Floor | Rows 2 – 5
Elite Plus --- Reserved Seating in P1 Floor | Rows 3 - 5, Fighter Walkout

From left to right (Owner's Section, VIP, Ultimate, Elite Plus)

196_Owners_Section.jpg 196_VIP.png
196_Ultimate.png 196_Elite.png

P1 Riser

Superfan --- Reserved Seating in P1 Riser
Fan --- Reserved Seating in P1 Riser

From left to right (Superfan, Fan)

196_Superfan.png 196_fan.png

P2, P3 and P4 Risers

Champion P2 --- Reserved Seating in P2 Riser | Rows B - H: Fighter Walkout, side of arena
Champion P3 --- Reserved Seating in P3 Riser | Rows K & M

From left to right (Champion P2, Champion P3)

196_champ_p2.png 196_champ_p3.png

Challenger P2 --- Reserved Seating in P2 Riser | Rows B – H
Challenger P3 --- Reserved Seating in P3 Riser | Rows K & M
Challenger P4 --- Reserved Seating in P4 Riser | Row T

From left to right (Challenger P2, Challenger P3, Challenger P4)

196_challenger_p2.png 196_challenger_p3.png 196_challenger_p4.png

Pick Your UFC® 196 Access

There are various events you can enjoy throughout the weekend, which vary depending on the ticket package you select. 

Do you want VIP hospitality access on Saturday with UFC® Legends & Fighter Appearances, a
premium open bar and gourmet food buffets?

Would you like an exclusive tour of the Octagon and the opportunity to take photos with the championship belt? 

Below, you will see the components of each type of package. Based on your wants and needs, which one looks the most appealing? 


Owner’s Section



Elite Plus





VIP Hospitality Venue Access (Sat)


Reserved Seat to Fighter Q&A (Fri)

Reserved Seat to Weigh-In (Fri)

Friday Night Takedown Party (Fri)


Backstage Behind-the-Scenes Tour (Fri)







UFC Octagon Tour 





Photo Opp with Championship Belt (Sat)





Rehearsal and Sound Check (Sat)







Event Program

Official UFC VIP Experience Gift Bag

Combine Seats and Access

You found your seat. You found your access. Do the two go hand-in-hand? Hopefully, you found the perfect ticket package to suit your preferences! For pricing, visit the individual package page or give us a call at 855.827.5531. 

You can also add accommodations at the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino for 3 Days / 2 Nights. 

Make UFC 196 a weekend you'll never forget and attend like the VIP you are! 

Get My VIP Ticket Package to UFC 196

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