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How to Meet UFC® Fighters

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Mar 5, 2018 12:29:30 PM

IMG_3342-2.jpgThe obvious answer to the question, “How can I meet UFC fighters?” is “Go to a UFC event or city.” Now, there’s no guarantee that just by showing up with a regular ticket that you will get this opportunity, but it’s certainly a good place to start. So, that’s step 1. The better question is, how do you meet UFC fighters once you get there?

We’ve been to our fair share of UFC events – I am talking about 10 a year for the past few years. We see the fighters. We know where they hang out. We know where and how you can meet them.

We caught up with our resident expert Mark Anthony to discuss the best way to meet UFC fighters.

1. Around the City

IMG_6170-2.jpgDuring the week leading up to the event, you can meet fighters at scheduled events such as:

- MetroPCS Stores in the city of the UFC event

- Reebok flagship stores usually have a fighter or two

- During the day of the fight, there are sponsored M&G tents set up on the arena grounds. (For example: a Monster Energy Tent may host Chris Weidman.)

Any fan of the nightlife can get lucky and meet fighters at:

-Local bars & restaurants in the city following the fights Saturday night.

- Walking the city blocks in the evening on Friday. (Usually not fighters on the card for Saturday. But you never know!)

2. At Your Hotel


Fighters may literally be right under your nose! Fighters could have a room in your hotel and sometimes you can catch them in the lobby waiting for their teammates.

You could also be in the "UFC" hotel. This is usually an undisclosed hotel where all fighters meet for official weigh-ins and occasional interviews. While this is not the best place to approach fighters because they are busy with the pre-fight formalities, sometimes you can give a quick hello and maybe even politely ask for an autograph/pic.

3. The UFC VIP Experience

There is really only one way to guarantee you will meet a UFC fighter or UFC legend, and that is by getting your ticket through the UFC VIP Experience. Each ticket package includes access to our premium hospitality venue which features UFC Legends and Fighter appearances. And that’s a promise. This is your chance to get autographs and take photos with some of UFC’s best.  

You won’t believe the number and names of fighters who have shown up in our hospitality. We’ve seen everyone from Demetrious Johnson, Tyron Woodley, Donald Cerrone and Eddie Alvarez to Miesha Tate, Luke Rockhold, Holly Holm, Forrest Griffin and even the man himself, Dana White. Does it get any better than that? Not really.

Meet UFC Fighters at a UFC®  Event

If the UFC VIP Experience sounds like the best and easiest way to meet UFC fighters, you’re right! It is. Head over to our calendar of events page to learn more about Official Ticket Packages for upcoming UFC events. We hope to see you at an event soon!

Meet UFC Fighters at a UFC Event

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