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New Era for UFC's Womens Division?

Posted by Rory Harris on Nov 5, 2014 4:22:00 PM

A new era in UFC® has begun. Women Fighting in the UFC® is here to stay.

It has become one of UFC’s biggest crowd pleasers with the women fights consistently being decorated with the emotion, expression and rawness that has been missing from the sport prior to the signing of the women’s division.

Ronda-Rousey_241883_right70-1.pngRonda’s World

There is one woman who has thus far dominated the pack of eager female UFC® fighters: Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey. As the first woman to ever sign with the UFC®, the undefeated bantamweight champion mainstreamed MMA as a women’s sport and has been the perfect pretty, yet fierce, face for the sport.

The only problem with Rousey’s domination of the women’s division of UFC® is continuing to find contenders that are good enough to face her.

With all of the wins, deals and attention she has earned, it would be easy for up and coming female fighters to believe that it is Ronda’s world and they are just living in it.

There are a handful of solid female fighters that are continuing to grow their skillsets, and impressing audiences, like Cat Zingano, Miersha Tate and Christiane Justino. Yet, no contender has been able to surpass Rousey nor have they been able to showcase a talent quite as great.

Step in, Holly Holm

The Preacher’s Daughter, as she is known, is a renowned fighter in her own right. One of the best pound for pound female boxers in recent history, Holm's journey to the UFC® has been long coming.

Holm has had a long and impressive career in boxing, winning championships in both light welterweight and welterweight classes. She has totaled an astonishing number of 18 world championships in boxing.

When female MMA fighting first started gaining popularity through the UFC®, Holm took notice. Having spent the better part of her 33 years focused on boxing in Albuquerque, New Mexico, she had yet to gain the national platform UFC® women fighters had received through televised fights and in the media.

The support and enthusiasm UFC® President Dana White seemed to give the female fighters was equally as enticing to Holm. She began to juggle both boxing and MMA in 2011, and she managed to establish an undefeated record. She stacked up seven wins, six of which were won by knockouts.

Undefeated and hungry for more of what MMA had to offer, she eventually retired from boxing and made the jump to UFC® when White signed her this past July.

Holm to Dethrone?

Since Holm’s signing with the UFC®, there has been speculation that she was handpicked by White for such a time as this. Many fans believe that she is being groomed to be Rousey’s next contender; or better yet, Rousey’s successor.

In interviews, Holm has tried to remain elusive about any fight that may be in the works between her and the queen of the UFC®. The former boxer has tried to make it very clear that her focus is to better learn the sport of MMA and become a better overall fighter. UFC® fans will finally get to see Holm’s potential when she makes her long-awaited UFC debut against the hard-nosed striker, Raquel Pennington on Dec. 6, in Las Vegas at UFC 181.

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