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Recap of UFC® 193: Rousey vs. Holm

Posted by Carolynn Wilcox on Nov 17, 2015 4:06:49 PM


If you didn’t get a chance to watch UFC 193, you missed out on what was arguably the biggest upset in the history of the sport!  A record-setting crowd attended the UFC’s debut in Melbourne to watch an incredible fight card unfold, elevating the all-time UFC attendance record to 56,214.  It was impossible to be disappointed with the performance each and every fighter put on, but the two women’s title fights had us on the edge of our seats.  Read on for our recaps of both!


Rousey vs. Holm, Women’s Bantamweight Title Fight


Two undefeated female fighters went head-to-head in this intense battle for the bantamweight title.  Drama had unfolded the previous day during the weigh-in as both ladies posed for photos, leading some, Rousey included, to believe that Holm had issued a cheap shot at Rousey during the face-off.  While that is certainly up for debate (our personal opinion is that it was just a misunderstanding), it led to some bad blood and a nasty Instagram post by Rousey prior to the fight.

The tension in the air could be cut with a knife as Rousey walked to the Octagon to Joan Jett’s “Bad Reputation,” looking fierce as Holm paced the ring in anticipation of the biggest fight of her UFC career.  Though Holm extended her gloves for the touch, Rousey whipped right around and took her position in the Octagon, making it clear from the get-go that she was still holding a grudge from their encounter the day before.  This emotional charge only intensified as the match got underway, with Rousey attempting to set the pace by constantly chasing Holm. 

Holm’s footwork and agile movement served her well as she was able to keep her distance from Rousey through most of the match.  Holm issued a number of devastating oblique kicks, hyperextending Rousey’s knee joint and keeping her at bay as Holm continued to dance around the Octagon.  Rousey began to get frustrated very early in the match, continuing on in her aggressive style while exhausting herself and getting extremely sloppy.  Her failure to adjust to Holm’s experienced striking exposed holes in Rousey’s game, and Rousey was seen leaving her hands down and her chin up.  To be honest, Rousey looked pretty desperate at points.


Holm continued to tag Rousey over and over until Holm finally caught her off-guard in the second round and connected hard with a head kick, dropping Rousey to the ground and allowing Holm to finish her off with flying fists.  Holm was a surgeon, fighting technically and keeping her wits about her, while Rousey stuck to her aggressive brawling style and failed to adapt to her newest challenger.  No one could believe what they’d seen – Holm fighting the perfect fight against the invincible “Rowdy” Rousey and finishing her off in less than two rounds.  We’re certain there will be a rematch, but as Rousey is rumored to be taking a break from fighting until UFC 200 to focus on her film career, we may be waiting a while for it!


Jedrzejczyk vs. Letourneau, Women’s Strawweight Title Fight


The women’s strawweight title fight Saturday was proof that good things come in small packages!  Jedrzejczyk, the defending champ, was reportedly looking forward to this fight because both she and Letourneau have strong backgrounds in Muay Thai, a martial art form featuring lightning fast punches, elbow strikes, tough kicks and serious grappling.  There was a strong mutual respect between the two fighters that was obvious as both entered the Octagon and the fight got underway.

The first round was shocking, to say the least!  The heavily favored Jedrzejczyk looked evenly matched and potentially even outmatched as Letourneau took her to the mat early without having suffered a single blow.  Though Jedrzejczyk was able to get back on her feet, Letourneau forced her into a grueling style of fighting by pinning down her hands.  There were plenty of head kicks to go around in the first round as Letourneau looked particularly tuned-in and was able to catch Jedrzejczyk’s leg several times.  At the time, it looked as though the two would be neck and neck through the entire bout. 

At least, that’s what the crowd was thinking up until the second round began.  Though Letourneau was still looking patient and getting in calculated strikes on the champion, it was clear that Jedrzejczyk was starting to wear her down.  Jedrzejczyk continually threw elbows at Letourneau’s face and repeatedly attacked Letourneau’s left leg, causing heavy swelling to Letourneau’s leg and under her right eye. 


Letourneau started to get frustrated in the third round, and though she landed several effective left kicks to Jedrzejczyk’s body, it became clear that Jedrzejczyk’s range was becoming more and more of a problem for Letourneau.  Letourneau’s corner kept calling for a takedown in Round 4, but Jedrzejczyk made it clear that she wasn’t about to let that happen.  Letourneau was able to force Jedrzejczyk to switch stances, but Jedrzejczyk’s combinations proved to be lethal in the final round as both ladies gave each other everything they had.

It became clear that Jedrzejczyk had pulled ahead as early as the second round, and in the final moments of the fight, Letourneau’s supporters were praying for a knock-out or submission.  Unfortunately for Letourneau, neither of those came and Jedrzejczyk kept her belt by unanimous decision.  

Though Letourneau was regarded as an underdog in this match-up, she gave Jedrzejczyk all she wanted in the Octagon and fought to the bitter end.  Letourneau was understandably emotional in the moments following the judgment, saying that she didn’t respond as well as she’d hoped to, but what her fans saw was “Trouble” Letourneau staying on her feet through five rounds with one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the UFC.  Will there be a rematch?  Who knows, but given her sturdy performance, we think Letourneau definitely deserves another shot at the title!


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