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Recap of UFC® 195: Lawler vs. Condit

Posted by Carolynn Wilcox on Jan 4, 2016 4:27:28 PM


The Ultimate Fighting Championship ended 2015 on a high note with UFC 194, making a case for that old saying that the squeaky wheel gets the championship belt (that’s how it goes, right?) with Conor McGregor’s TKO of José Aldo to claim the featherweight title.  2015 proved that no champion is invincible – not Rousey, not Aldo, not Weidman.  Last year was great, but this year promises to be even better.  UFC 195 set the bar for 2016 extremely high, and we can’t wait to see what else this year has in store.

Lawler vs. Condit, Men’s Welterweight World Title Fight



We weren’t surprised when this bout was declared the fight of the night.  We knew it was going to be a knock-down, drag-out fight, and these two men lived up to and far exceeded our expectations.  Though Lawler and Condit are a couple of high-mileage fighters, they put on one of the most energetic displays of athleticism that we’ve ever seen inside the Octagon. 

The first four rounds were absolute murder between the two, with Condit nailing fast, furious strikes and looking as though he could earn the championship belt for himself.  Condit seemed to be the proactive one through several rounds, while Lawler remained fairly reactive.  Lawler rallied in the fifth round, however, looking like a man on a mission as he hunted Condit through the Octagon.  Though he wasn’t able to finish off his opponent, he was able to convince the judges that he deserved to keep his belt.  Many are upset that Condit didn’t claim the belt, and it was a close call for sure, but it can’t be denied that Lawler’s strikes were just more effective.

By the time this fight ended, Condit had put to rest the idea that he was undeserving of a title shot.  With the judges’ split decision favoring Lawler by only one point, we anticipate that there will continue to be controversy over this match for years to come.  Dana White even commented shortly after the fight that he had Condit winning the fight 3-2, with Condit taking the first, third, and fourth rounds and Lawler taking the second and fifth rounds. 

Condit has talked about retiring even before this fight, and one has to wonder whether he might choose to make this his last hurrah and end his career on a high note.  On the flip side of that coin, fans are dying for a rematch.  The UFC has already promised us high-caliber rematches like Rousey vs. Holm and Aldo vs. McGregor in 2016 – could we see another Lawler vs. Condit match-up this year?  Or will Tyron Woodley finally get his long-awaited shot at the welterweight belt?

Relive the highlights of Lawler vs. Condit below!


Miocic vs. Arlovski, Men’s Heavyweight Fight


We don’t mind admitting we’re wrong (we predicted Arlovski winning by split decision), but we were more than a little disappointed that this fight didn’t last longer.  The stakes were high with a potential title shot on the line, and we naturally assumed that this fight would be a five-round all-out brawl.  You know what they say about assuming, though.

UFC-195-Stipe-MiocicThe two came out with guns blazing, preparing themselves for a war, but it was short-lived.  The 6-fight win streak of former champ Arlovski was unfortunately laid to rest within one minute of Round 1 as Miocic connected with an overhand right, demolishing any title shot dreams Arlovski may have been harboring.

After the match, Dana White all but confirmed a title shot for Miocic.  The next time we see Miocic in the ring , he’ll most likely be facing Fabricio Werdum or Cain Velasquez (depending on how UFC 196 turns out) to compete for the heavyweight championship belt. 

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