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The Top 6 Best UFC® Knockouts

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Feb 22, 2016 2:23:18 PM


There’s nothing like a good knockout, which we saw twice in the last two numbered UFC events in 2015. Over the years, we’ve seen plenty, but some just stand out above the others. Take a look at the best knockouts of each year since 2011.

Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort (2011)

Nothing like a front kick knockout in the 1st round. Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort kept their stances until Silva’s left leg suddenly shot up and connected with Vitor’s face knocking him to the ground where Silva followed up with a few shots. It was well over at that point!

Edson Barboza vs. Terry Etim (2012)

Edson Barboza’s wheel kick finish of Terry Etim will go down in UFC history as one of the best knockouts of all time. The speed, power, technique, accuracy and timing were all exactly on point, and Etim was down the second Barboza made contact. Both men received “Fight of the Night” honors, and the knockout later earned Barboza “Knockout of the Year."

Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva (2013)

As if Anderson’s Silva’s first loss wasn’t shocking enough, to see it happen by knockout made the loss even more appalling. This 2013 Knockout of the Year might be the greatest of all time – there’s no doubt it’s at the top. Silva showboated and displayed his typical antics as he taunted Chris Weidman, but Weidman was unfazed and made him pay with a left hook followed by a brutally efficient series.

Dong Hyun Kim vs. John Hathaway (2014)

Dong Hyun Kim scored a spinning elbow in the 3rd round that knocked John Hathaway out immediately. What makes this knockout so awesome is not just the technique but the sound you hear as he landed the elbow. It was one violent blow.  

Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor (2015)

13 seconds was all it took. A single left hook sent Jose Aldo to the mat in the most highly-anticipated bout of 2015. Conor McGregor’s precision along with Aldo just being in the wrong place at the wrong time left “The Notorious” as the new featherweight champion.

Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm(2015)

Not many people expected Holly Holm to take out the most dominant female fighter to ever compete in MMA. But she did, and she did in one heck of a way. Holm knocked out Ronda Rousey with a head kick in the second round, which rightfully earned Knockout of the Year in 2015.

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