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UFC 181® Fighter vs. Fighter: Pettis vs. Melendez

Posted by Rory Harris on Nov 7, 2014 5:00:42 PM

For UFC 181®, lightweight champion, Anthony Pettis, is coming back in a big way. Looking to show off his newly refined skills, Pettis is slated to fight fellow Ultimate Fighter coach, Gilbert Melendez, on December 6th, 2014.

The two fighters may not pull the amount of attention that Hendricks vs. Lawler command, but do not be mistaken; this is going to be one of the best fights of the year.

Both coaches for The Ultimate Fighter Season 20 have remained somewhat tight-lipped on how they feel about one another personally.

However, they have made no bones about being ready to take the other one out. The two have not faked any sort of friendship while on the show, aware of their upcoming fight.

UFC 181® will be a style fight. The UFC® made a great decision when they paired the hot-headed Pettis with the more stoic Melendez.

Melendez, famous for his will to win, employs an old-fashioned, leave it all on the mat type style. His style is a stark contrast to Pettis’ more lavish and aerodynamic style.

181-Event-Pettis-Melendez-FactsFast & Furious: Anthony Pettis 

What He Has to Prove: Defending his title. Pettis hopes to quiet critics that claim that he has spent too much time away from the cage after suffering an injury in August of 2013. This will be Showtime’s first return to the Octagon™ since winning his belt.

History: He was the winner of the lightweight title in 2013 and has collected a number of wins by TKOs and submissions.

Most Talented In:
Martial Arts. The Milkwaukee born Pettis has been in martial arts since he was five years old.

Way of Winning:
With acrobatic-style attacks 

Critics get to him. He does not claim to be someone who shrugs off any critique of his career moves or his style. Instead, he plans to use his frustration as fuel to fire some serious punches while defending his title.

Comments on Fight:
He can take Melendez out in the first round.

Slow & Steady: Gilbert Melendez 

What He Has to Prove: After a disappointing loss by decision to Benson Henderson, this is Melendez’s first opportunity to come back and assert himself as a formidable contender.
History: Melendez is a more consistent fighter, with few TKOs but a decent fight history. He has a career record of 22-3.

Most Talented In:
Wrestling. Gilbert Melendez is known for his ground control skills on the mat, having spent a large part of his life in wrestling.

Way of Winning:
 Pulls off balanced wins, with a mix of strikes, ground fighting and whatever needs to be done.

He brought in Nate Diaz onto his season of The Ultimate Fighter Season 20, a fighter Pettis famously trash talks, to throw off Pettis.

Comments on Fight:
He’ll do his talking in the Octagon™.

UFC-Event-Thumbnail-UFC-181-Headliners-UFC-VIP-Experience-1The way in which the fighters compliment one another will make for a thrilling fight. While Melendez believes in the development of multiple disciplines and is well-versed in ground fighting, Pettis is a creative and stylish martial artist.

Will slow and steady win the race? Or will it be fast and furious that blows out the competition?

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