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UFC 182 Recap: Jones vs. Cormier

Posted by Rory Harris on Jan 5, 2015 11:36:55 AM

The highly anticipated match-up of light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones and Daniel Cormier was finally put to rest at UFC® 182 as defending champion Jones won via decision. 

Jon JonesThe two fighters had been at one another's throats for some time, and their impending match-up only added fuel to the fire. 

Cormier, a former Olympian wrestler, was especially vocal as the fight approached about his need to defeat the reigning champion.

Needless to say, with the anticipation high, these two wasted no time when they finally were able to face-off in the Octagon™ on Saturday night. 

Two to Tango 

At moments during the fight, the two seemed to surprise one another.

Jones attempted several takedowns, even though he is better known for his striking. Cormier, who is known as one of the best wrestlers in the UFC®, was able to bloody Jones' face with jabs and hooks. 

Cormier had his moment of glory in the first round. Aggressive and full of adrenaline, DC was able to pick the taller, powerful Jones off the ground and somersault him onto his back. 

One could argue the two adopted one another's strengths while preparing for the long awaited fight. Both light heavyweights, who were fueled by their evident dislike of one another, made each other better fighters. 

No judge would be able to discount the fact Jones and Cormier were the best versions of their fighter selves at UFC® 182

No "Bones" About It

The younger and spryer Jones, however, proved he is a hard one to take down.

In the very last moments of the fight, Cormier seemed to have hit a wall. He dropped his guard for a few short seconds, and Jones was able to finish the fifth round throwing hits at the UFC Tonight co-host.

Jones also appeared to have more energy during the last two rounds, proving he was more conditioned than DC. 

Ultimately, Jones, with a reach of 84.5 inches, was too long for the shorter, stockier Cormier.

Jones' win marked his eighth light heavyweight title defense in a row and he also now ranks as third in the most consecutive won title defenses in the UFC®

Having once said he was "consumed" by the match, it will be interesting to see where Cormier goes from here. His loss at UFC® 182 was the first of his career.

Despite Jones victory, Cormier was awarded the "Fight of the Night" bonus award. 

The "Cowboy" Takes It Away 

Donald Cerrone HeadshotAlthough the Jones vs Cormier card did take the spotlight of UFC® 182, theirs was not the only good fight card of the night. 

Donald Cerrone, or better known to most as "Cowboy," was able to dominate Myles Jury in their five-round co-main event. 

Cerrone won the fight in an unanimous decision by the judges. The Muy Thai fighter landed several kicks to Jury, who was able to absorb a lot of the fighter's kicks and hits. However, he was unable to beat the active "Cowboy." 

Jury spent the majority of the end of the fight seemingly running from Cerrone. 

Next Up 

As Cerrone works his way further up to a possible title fight and Jones remains the hard-hitting light heavyweight champion, fans cannot wait to see what is next for these victors. 

Needless to say, Jones and Cormier started 2015 off with a bang!

As President Dana White has already mentioned at a press conference before the beginning of the year, 2015's stack up of fights may be the best line-up the UFC® has seen in years. 

You will not want to miss a moment of the rivalries, takedowns, hits or explosive wins. 

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