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UFC 183 Recap: Silva Silences Skeptics

Posted by Rory Harris on Feb 2, 2015 10:29:57 AM

It was a strange, albeit eventful night, at UFC® 183.

Silva vs Diaz: Strange Magic 

Strange MagicAfter months of build up ,the one-time, undeniable middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, faced Nick Diaz in the Octagon™ for an entertaining and satisfying bout for all MMA fans.

The first of the five-round match flabbergasted fans. Diaz, who up until Saturday night had always been uncharacteristically respectful of the middleweight veteran, entered the Octagon™ taunting Silva. 

He continued to try and get a rise out of Silva by frequently dropping his hands, spastically prancing throughout the cage and even rendering the audience speechless as he laid in the center of the Octagon™

Clearly, he wanted Silva to make the first move.

The first two rounds of the fight were the most competitive, as both fighters were able to land hard hits and kicks on one another.

Silva eventually was able to land a low kick with his once injured leg, proving he was still the same fighter fans had trusted as an undisputable champion.

Diaz was able to keep up, though. Having always been known for his trash-talking and stamina, Diaz endured every one of Silva’s advances.

The match began to slow around the third round. In a great moment, Silva landed a low kick which buckled Diaz’ leg. However, Diaz started up his taunting and teasing of Silva, again, in the later rounds. Silva did not respond to the tormenting and appeared unphased.

Final Call 

Final CallIn one of the more intense moments of the fight, “The Spider” hit Diaz hard with his right hand, causing him to spit up blood.

In the final round, both fighters pushed through with kicks and hits, but it was ultimately Silva who won by a unanimous decision over the Stockton-bred Diaz.

An emotional Silva accomplished what he surely had set out to do and proved to everyone his skills remained despite the devastating injury he had suffered last year. Any respect Silva may have lost was regained with the impressive fight.

Both fighters earned credit, however. Diaz held his own throughout the tough fight and was neither knocked out nor submitted during the long fight.

As always, Diaz certainly reminded the UFC® and MMA fans of his entertainment appeal.

The fight left MMA fans with lingering questions: Is Silva back to stay? Who will Diaz take on next? 

Ultimately, Silva was able to silence skeptics with a decision win over the volatile Diaz. 

Co-Main Controversy  

It was the fight that almost did not happen. The former The Ultimate Fighter winner, Kelvin Gastelum, showed up to the pre-fight weigh-in for UFC® 183 10 pounds overweight. 

However, his opponent for the night, Tyron Woodley, decided to fight him anyways. 

In the co-main event, Woodley was able to snag a split-decision win over the heavier Gastelum. The fight lacked the crowd-appeal the Silva-Diaz bout later earned, however.

The match-up started slow, and the men seemed to stay neck-and-neck throughout the better part of the bout. Ultimately, though, it was Woodley who was able to seal the deal over Gastelum.

Co-Main ControversyWhat's Next? 

The future remains unclear for all of these fighters, particularly Silva and Diaz. Even Woodley’s future is fuzzy, however, considering the welterweight division has been inconsistent as of late.

A third Silva-Chris Weidman bout has been rumored, but only time will tell where the returned legend will head next. 

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