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Make Your New Years Dreams Come True with UFC 183 Tickets

Posted by Niala Samnarine on Dec 5, 2014 12:04:45 PM

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

There’s just something about December that makes everyone happy. Whether it’s the twinkling lights, excuse to eat lots of delicious foods, time with your friends and family, or time to take a breather from school and work, the spirit of the holidays gets everyone.

One common question that arises during this month is: What’re you doing for New Year’s?

Some of us already know we’re staying in on the couch with some champagne (or sparkling cider), some of us are partying it up and the rest of us are going to bed early to wake up to the New Year.

There’s a select few that’s saving up all their New Year’s cheer for a special date in January. One guess what that date is?

UFC Event ThumbnailJanuary 31, 2015: UFC® 183!

How UFC® 183 is the Ultimate New Year’s Gift To Yourself

It’s Not Actually Happening on New Year’s Eve

Okay, stay with me people.

I love New Year’s Eve as much as the next guy, but whenever I go out on New Year’s I think of two things: price inflation and overcrowding.

Maybe you’re into it, the more people and the higher the pricing the better. We’re not talking to you. For everyone else, waiting just a few weeks means more room to enjoy the New Year and not having to pay exorbitant pricing.

Be One of the Few to See A Historic UFC® Return

Whether you’re rooting for Anderson Silva or Nick Diaz, both of these fighters will be making their highly anticipated return to the Octagon™ after over a year of inactivity.

Silva notched his first ever loss in his career, and then shortly after his second, before being sidelined with (what some considered) a career ending injury. For fans of the Spider, this will be his first action in what could either be a historic return or a confirmation of his end as the P4P greatest.

Diaz has long been rumored to return. After losing to GSP, Diaz was rumored to make his UFC® return over and over, but it never panned out. Now, the loquacious Diaz will finally be seen in the Octagon™ against one of the great MMA fighters in the UFC’s history.

Either way, fans who elect to go to UFC®183 are in for an historic comeback.

Check out the head to head breakdown of Silva vs. Diaz.

Vacation In Vegas

Las Vegas NevadaWhile UFC® 183 gives you an opportunity to skip the crowds, save on expenses and witness an epic comeback, it also gives fans the chance to visit the Fight Capital of the World.

There’s tons to do in sunny, warm Las Vegas. From the beautiful architecture of the strip, to the many shows, restaurants, shops, clubs, and more, Las Vegas has something for everyone.

Get the complete travel guide here:

The Ultimate UFC Las Vegas Travel Guide!

Be at UFC® 183

That settles it, you’re going to truly celebrate the New Year with the UFC® and since it is a special occasion, you’re going to do it big: as a UFC VIP!

Of course, tickets to one of the biggest fights of the year are going fast and exclusive UFC VIP Experience Packages are almost sold out. Choose from one of the remaining two options:

Elite Experience

SuperFan Experience

Both packages get you a great view of the UFC® 183 fights, VIP Hospitality Venue Access (with Figher & Octagon Girl Appearances), complimentary beer and wine (SuperFan) or full premium bar access (Elite), gourmet food buffets, interactive elements, and more!

UFC Hospitality watermarked

Additionally, UFC VIP Experience guests also get a reserved seat to the fighter Q&A and weigh-in on Friday, as well as, access to the UFC® 183 rehearsal & sound check (SuperFan) or a tour of the actual Octagon® (Elite) on Saturday.

Official UFC® 183 Packages also include an official complimentary event program and UFC VIP Experience Gift Bag.

So what are you waiting for? These packages won’t be around forever; book yours and start 2015 with a bang!

Book Your Experience to UFC 183!

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