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UFC 184 Recap: Holm Rises, Rousey Continues Her Reign

Posted by Rory Harris on Mar 2, 2015 11:06:00 AM

Saturday night at Los Angeles’ Staple Center, UFC® 184 featured everything from quick and startling submissions to toe-to-toe match-ups.

RondaRousey_HeadshotBelt-1Champion Ronda Rousey continued to impress and retained her belt while new female fighter, Holly Holm, made her mark.

Ronda Rousey vs Cat Zingano

Despite the hype surrounding the undefeated Cat Zingano, Rousey remained the defending champ of women’s bantamweight after their highly-anticipated fight on Saturday.

CatZingano_Headshot-3At the start of the bout, Zingano earnestly advanced towards the champion contender and brought her to the mat. In typical fashion, though, Rousey quickly turned it around and submitted Zingano within the first 14 seconds of the round with her classic arm-bar.

Rousey’s win once again begged the question: who will finally be able to dethrone the female powerhouse?

Holly Holm vs Raquel Pennington

Enter, Holly Holm.  

The former female boxer made her UFC® debut on Saturday night to face Raquel Pennington. An 18-time world champion, the expectations were high for the MMA newcomer.

Although Pennington’s career has been up and down since entering into the UFC®, she is a big name and a tough contender for any seasoned fighter to take on, let alone a novice.

Holm was able to hold her own, however.

Despite Pennington trying to take down Holm quickly, the “Preacher’s Daughter” was able to resist and get in some solid hits in the first round.  

In the second round, Holm continued to slowly chip Pennington away with her trademark punches.

It was in the third round where Holm got her win. With continuous hits and some well-landed kicks, she won the bout by a split decision.

The big win inevitably means a new contender for Rousey. With a little more experience, UFC® president, Dana White, may have finally found someone to compete with UFC®’s queen.

Josh Koscheck vs Jake Ellenberger

Both Josh Koscheck and Jake Ellenberger have been trying to work out of their funks for a while now. Although Koscheck has had wins over UFC® greats Matt Hughes and Anthony Johnson, the aging fighter has been on a three-fight losing streak.

staplescenter-1Once a seasoned and successful welterweight, Ellenberger also walked into the Octagon™ Saturday night with three recent losses.

UFC® 184 marked a crossroads for both fighters, while rumors swirled regarding the loser of the fight being dropped.

The first round was relatively uneventful. It began with Ellenberger throwing punches while Koscheck used a missed hit to take him down to the ground. The two fighters eventually got back onto their feet.

In the second round, Ellenberger pulled Koscheck down to the ground and locked him into a north-south choke. Koscheck submitted in the final minute of the second round.

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