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How the Main Card Stacks Up at UFC 187: Jones vs Johnson

Posted by Rory Harris on Mar 12, 2015 1:00:00 PM

On April 25, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson will be next to take a swing at the defending, nine-time light heavyweight and UFC® powerhouse, Jon “Bones” Jones at UFC® 187

Many have tried and failed at challenging Jones in the Octagon™, and since winning his title, he has continued to be the fighter to beat. BUT, ever since Johnson shocked fans by finishing off the Irish kickboxer Alexander Gustaffson, he’s earned his shot at putting a stop to Jones’ long, UFC® royalty reign.  

Jon “Bones” Jones vs Anthony “Rumble” Johnson 

187-Fighter-Comparison-1Jones’ Advantages 

Record: 21-1-0

Fighting Out of: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Walk-Out Song: “The Champ is Here” by Jadakiss

1. His Reach 

When you picture Jones fighting, you picture those long, swinging arms in position to knock out fearful opponents. Jones’ long, terrifying reach is one of the elements which make him one of the most formidable opponent in the UFC®. When “Bones” is out of reach for his challenger, he is able to loom over them, reaching out to do damage with just one hit.

2. Creative Striking

Jones’ talent is undeniable. His hits are deadly to other light heavyweight contenders and his strikes are creative, making it difficult for challengers to know how to prepare to fight the eight-time champion. He is one of the best, if not the best, strikers in all of the UFC®.

3. Originality

Being original is an overlooked asset in the UFC®. However, keeping your opponents guessing through the innovation of a fighter’s moves can mean the difference between success and failure. Jones uses his originality to catch opponents off guard before he takes them down for the win.

Anthony-Johnson_501_RightFullBodyImageJohnson’s Advantages

Record: 19-4-0

Fighting Out of: Boca Raton, FL

Walk-Out Song: “Blunt Blowin” by Lil Wayne

1. He’s a Finisher

“Rumble” is a finishing man. Most all of Johnson’s fights have been won by either knockouts or submission. He is the kind of fighter you like to watch because he uses powerful, fast moves to hold your attention and is able to end his fights when the moment is right.

2. Heavy Hands

If anyone doubted Johnson’s ability to lay on the heavy hits, they don’t after his fight against Gustaffson. Johnson left the Irish fighter, who once was assumed to be the next choice for a title shot, in near tears. 

3. Speed Paired with Footwork

Having once struggled to cut weight for smaller classes such as welterweight and middleweight, Johnson came back this past year with a vengeance and improved cardio to match.  The speed of his hits were too much for Gustaffson to handle.

So, Who Will Win?

Basically, you can’t bet against “Bones.” Jones has a leg up on Johnson in just about everything. His reach his longer, he’s taller and he’s younger. Basically, it’s pretty hard to bet against “Bones.” He is just, better, faster, and stronger. However, the UFC® has thrown us curve balls before and what a curve ball “Rumble” winning would be.

Prediction: Jones, KO

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