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UFC® 192 Fight Card Breakdown

Posted by Carolynn Wilcox on Sep 15, 2015 4:45:00 PM

Are you ready for UFC 192 on October 3rd?  We are!  We’re taking a look at the highlights for UFC 192 – the entire fight card is loaded and promises an evening full of fast punches, intense wrestling and masterful deflections.


Main Event:  Light Heavyweight Title Fight


The main draw of this bout seems to be the staggering difference between the two competitors.  Not only is there a 6” height difference between the two men and a huge difference in body type, but each has developed a highly unique set of skills in the world of MMA.  Who will come out on top?  It’s a toss-up!

Cormier is a two-time Olympic wrestler and has the ability to take an opponent’s offensive moves and shift them to his own advantage – even in the form of a takedown.  His proximity to the ground as compared to Gustafsson will give Cormier easy access to Gustafsson’s legs.  Cormier has also said that “the first thing a wrestler learns is how to throw an overhand right,” so Gustafsson’s height will only give him an even more obvious target.

Gustafsson towers over Cormier at 6’5”, and while Cormier sees that as an advantage to himself and his style of fighting, he admits that Gustafsson presents quite a challenge.  Cormier has said that Gustafsson’s footwork and wrestling defense present the biggest threat, and Gustafsson did manage to become the first of Jon ‘Bones’ Jones’ opponents to successfully complete a takedown on Jones in his MMA career – not just once, but twice back in 2013.  Jones has defeated both fighters, and though Cormier was able to maintain control for a more significant amount of time than Gustafsson, Gustafsson dealt nearly twice the number of significant strikes as Cormier.  We’ll see how each fighter’s experiences have affected them and shaped them into the incredible athletes they are today.


Co-Main:  Welterweight Match-Up


While the intrigue of Cormier vs. Gustafsson is due in no small part to their height difference, the co-main at UFC 192 is between two fighters who are identical in height and of course, weight.  Hendricks and Woodley met once during their college wrestling days – Hendricks won that fight and Woodley has been waiting for a rematch ever since. 

The ultimate goal of both fighters is to earn a shot at the welterweight title, and this fight will likely prove to be a significant deciding factor in who will be granted that opportunity.  Hendricks managed to win and lose the belt within a nine-month period back in 2014, when he lost a match to Robbie Lawler and was forced to pass off the title.  He says that he wasn’t ready then, but that he’s definitely ready now to maintain the status of welterweight champion.  Hendricks’ chief asset is widely regarded as his immense strength and the power behind his blows.  What does Woodley see as his own strengths?  (How much time do you have?)  Wrestling, grappling, striking, power, conditioning, toughness, competitiveness and the ability to push his opponent in every round. 

Check out the UFC 192 Extended Preview video below to get Joe Rogan’s take on the action and see what each of these four fighters has to say about their opponents!


Light Heavyweight Bout


UFC 192 marks Evans’ first UFC fight in nearly two years!  Though both fighters have been talking tons of trash as of late, they clearly have a lot of respect for each other as they’ve been taking their individual preparations for this bout extremely seriously.  Bader has been quoted as saying that though he feels slighted because he isn’t the one battling Cormier for the title, he’s honored to be fighting “a name like Rashad.”  Bader hopes that a win in this fight will give him a chance at the light heavyweight title in the very near future. 

Evans has said that Bader has improved over the years but still doesn’t possess a high “fight IQ.”  Evans is confident that a win over Bader will earn him a shot at the title, but he may be a little rusty after two years outside of the cage.  Bader has won four fights straight, which may give him just the momentum he needs to emerge victorious over Evans.

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