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UFC® 197 Predictions: Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Mar 14, 2016 8:00:00 AM


Enter Jon “Bones” Jones. If you’ve paid attention over the past few years, you’ve seen his rise with his UFC success and his fall with his personal struggles. Many of us thought we had seen the end of Jones after his last incident in 2015, which caused him to be stripped of the title. He was supposed to be suspended indefinitely. Well, here we are. Isn’t it funny how things change?

Jones is back and Daniel Cormier gets to be his first victim upon his return. This is like the rematch of all rematches. Cormier will try to avenge his loss, and Jones will attempt to earn his belt back. The king is bigger, meaner and more driven than ever before – he’s ready to dominate the UFC once again. But Cormier won’t let him off easy; he’s ready to shut everyone up once and for all.

Press Conference

ufc182_11_jones_cormier_019.jpgTo be expected, the Cormier-Jones feud has been reignited. The tension has ramped up and the verbal warfare is in full swing. Jones already made sure to throw up the classic “D-X” crotch chop after their face off at the "UFC Unstoppable" press conference. SHOTS FIRED. At least we avoided a repeat of 2014. For now.

At the press conference, Jones was met with applause and cheers while Cormier was handed a chorus of boos from the crowd. It was actually rather shocking, especially for Cormier who doesn’t understand why Jones would be held in such a high regard. The guy was stripped of his title and suspended. But yes, (insert sarcasm font) let’s continuously put down Cormier who has done the right thing all along. Makes sense, guys.   

Cormier wasn’t having it. [Via Sherdog]

 “As I address these people in here, I say to you: Guys, I’ve been sober; I haven’t done all these things; I didn’t wreck my vehicle; I haven’t been suspended; I didn’t get stripped of my championship. I didn’t do all those things.

“Guys, these are normal things that adult human beings do. You cheer this guy for saying he’s not going to do these things anymore. I have done this my entire life. But you boo me. Thank you.”

Poor Cormier. I guess people have been a little Jones-deprived. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so they say.

Fighter Comparison

ufc182_11_jones_cormier_012.jpgWhen you compare Jones to Cormier, Jones has the advantage in almost every way. You can’t even argue about the fact he is a machine. He has the longer reach, stronger takedown offense, better striking ability, height advantage, better takedown defense, stronger jaw, better submission offense – do we really need to continue? Don’t get me wrong; I actually really like Cormier and applaud his fighting abilities, but with the return of Jon Jones, things are shaking up a bit.

Now granted, Jones has been out of the ring for a little while, but I don’t think ring rust will have too much of an effect on him. He’s still unanimously regarded as the MMA’s top pound-for-pound fighter. We know he’s been working harder than ever and has spent his UFC exile doing strength and conditioning training. The king wants his crown back, and he’s crossing every “t” and dotting every “i” to get there.

The two fighters are really neck-and-neck in several areas. Both Jones and Cormier are excellent strikers; Jones is just able to defend the attack better. Jones presents excellent takedown offense, but is matched by Cormier who is excellent at staying on his feet. Cormier has the stamina and has consistently outwrestled his opponents, but as we saw in their first bout, Jones is able to successfully contain it. Cormier will be a tough challenge for Jones, but Jones has all the weapons and he’s ready to fire them.

Last time, the fighters went all five rounds with Jones winning by unanimous decision. We see it going the same distance this time around, but we can’t seem to reach a ‘unanimous decision’ on who will be champion. Majority rules though.

Our Prediction: Jon Jones wins via Decision


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