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UFC® 200 Announced, UFC® 197 Fight Card Changed

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Apr 4, 2016 3:24:34 PM

One of the best things about UFC is the hype surrounding it. We all eagerly await fight card announcements and get our hopes up about the main event. Within the past week or so, UFC has rocked our world.

First, UFC 200 was announced – the internet exploded. Then, Cormier withdrew from UFC 197 – again, the internet exploded. You never know what and when something is going to happen, which always keeps UFC fans on are toes, for better or for worse. Let’s take a look at the excitement we’ve seen recently.

UFC® 200 Announced

ufc196_12_diaz_mcgregor_014-1.jpgFINALLY. The moment we were all waiting for happened. UFC 200 was announced recently, and it’s going to be pretty great. We’re keeping with the same trend, though: rematch on rematch on rematch.

We knew the UFC couldn’t leave us hanging after UFC 196 with Diaz and McGregor. So, we’ll see them back at it again as they headline UFC 200. Many UFC fans have a love-hate thing for this decision. How do we feel about it?

Well, McGregor is getting the fight he wants, which some see as an annoyance, but at this point, I’m thinking why the heck not? He’s easily the biggest hit in the UFC right now, so it’s not surprising that he’d get his choice of fight. He’s practically earned the right to do so. One reason, though, that this rematch is unfortunate is because, as most would agree, Frankie Edgar really deserves a title shot against McGregor. Looks like he will have to continue to wait his turn and get past Jose Aldo first.

Which brings me to my next point. Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar will battle it out for the interim featherweight belt – something Aldo seems rather indifferent about. The interim belt supposedly means nothing to him: “Interim belt is made for media and fans, not for me. I want the undisputed belt. I respect Frankie Edgar, but I’ll get there and win.” It’s been known that Edgar wanted to face McGregor at UFC 200, but a shot at Aldo isn’t a bad option for him. It might not be the exact scenario he hoped for, but he’ll get the rematch with Aldo he’s always wanted.

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Cormier Drops Out of UFC® 197


The highly-anticipated rematch we’ve all been waiting for isn’t happening. UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier is injured and was forced out of the event against ex-titleholder Jon Jones. What a disappointment.

Cormier suffered a lower left leg injury in training on March 25. Days later it was diagnosed as a complete middle substance rupture of the interosseous membrane from the fibula, but thankfully, surgery will not be necessary. He is expected to recover within four to eight weeks, and the doctors believe it could be even sooner.

So what does this mean for Jones? Ovince Saint Preux has stepped in to take Cormier’s place for the interim championship.  The number one choice was Anthony Johnson, but he recently had surgery on his mouth and would not be ready in time for the fight. Going down the list, other fighters already have fights lined up so the logical choice was Ovince Saint Preux, a top contender in the UFC with a record of 19-7 MMA, 7-2 UFC. Although Cormier dropping out is disappointing, his replacement is not, and it should be a really good fight. After all, they’re both beasts.

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