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UFC® 205 Predictions: Eddie Alvarez vs. Conor McGregor

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Oct 6, 2016 3:00:00 PM


We can barely contain our excitement for UFC 205. The process of getting MMA legalized in New York was a lengthy one, so we are thrilled to get to be a part of something this big. Plus, the fight card is absolutely stacked, making this the biggest event of the year. So, which fighters are going to come out on top? We’re breaking it down and giving you our predictions. Check it out!

Alvarez vs. McGregor

Our prediction: McGregor via KO/TKO in the 2nd Round

Coming off a big win at UFC 202, McGregor is back and hungry for more. He’s once again moving weight classes to fight Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight title. They’re both brilliant and aggressive fighters with solid records so this has the potential to be a really interesting fight. At this point, it’s kind of hard to bet against McGregor, especially when he has all the momentum.

McGregor seems to think he will knock Alvarez out in the first round, but we think Alvarez can hold on until at least the second. In the first round, they’ll likely just be feeling each other out. However, as time goes on, Alvarez will likely start to get impatient and begin throwing some hard punches, whereas McGregor will be doing a lot of countering, to his advantage of course. If this occurs, we could see Alvarez out before we know it.

Woodley vs. Thompson

UFC-201-Event_Gallery_0123.jpgOur prediction: Thompson via Decision

Tyron Woodley will be defending his welterweight title for the first time against Stephen Thompson, and we definitely see it going the distance. Woodley is coming off a first round knockout against Robbie Lawler at UFC 201, but does this show he can beat Thompson? We don’t think so.

Woodley has a monster of a right, but Thompson has the reach to keep a good distance. Woodley will likely start to gas out by the third or fourth round, which will definitely affect his power, giving Thompson the advantage in the grand scheme of things. Plus, considering how often the belts have been swapping hands this year, we think the trend will continue. It might take him all five rounds, but we see Thompson coming out on top.

Jedrzejczyk vs. Kowalkiewicz

Our prediction: Jedrzejczyk via Decision

This is one fight where we don’t think the belt will swap hands. We’re pretty confident Jedrzejczyk will continue to hold onto the belt as she defends it for the fourth time. Kowalkiewicz will still put up a good fight though, so we aren’t underestimating her capability to take the title from Jedrzejczyk; hence the reason we see this fight going all five rounds. It’s going to be quite the battle.

Gastelum vs. Cerrone

ufc202_weighin_028.jpgOur prediction: Cerrone via Submission in the 2nd Round

Donald Cerrone has been around for quite a while compared to Kelvin Gastelum. He is currently coming off of a 3-fight win streak, with his most recent win at UFC 202 against Rick Story. Gastelum is coming off a big win against Johnny Hendricks at UFC 200 but prior to had not fought since November of 2015 where he lost to Neil Magny.

Cerrone has the advantage in a few categories, one being that submissions are his strength. We see the two fighters going late into the second round, but think Cerrone will end it via submission.

Weidman vs. Romero

Our prediction: Romero via KO/TKO in the 2nd Round

Chris Weidman was one of the leading UFC fighters to get MMA legalized in New York, so it’s great to see him on the Main Card against Yoel Romero. Weidman has not fought since UFC 194 where he suffered a devastating loss to Luke Rockhold and had to relinquish his belt. Interestingly enough, Romero’s last fight was also at UFC 194 where he landed his seventh victory in a row against Ronaldo Souza. Both have knockout power, but we think Romero has the heart and hunger necessary to get the job done in the late second round.

Tate vs. Pennington

Our prediction: Tate via Submission in the 3rd Round

Last, but certainly not least, Miesha Tate will fight for the first time after her shocking loss to Amanda Nunes for the Bantamweight title. We’ve been wondering when Tate would make a return to the ring, and now we will see her face off against Raquel Pennington. Although Pennington is coming off a three-win streak, her aggression could very well be her downfall. Tate knows how to use her opponents’ momentum against them, so we could see her taking a missed punch and bringing Pennington to the ground for a win via submission.

See You at UFC® 205!

We can’t wait to head to New York in a little over a month! Will we see you there?


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