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UFC® 206 Predictions: Max Holloway vs. Anthony Pettis

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Nov 28, 2016 3:57:39 PM


What a week in the UFC.

Daniel Cormier is out of UFC 206 due to injury, which has led to a sequence of interesting events in the UFC.

We had a feeling what followed would happen eventually, and the time has finally come – Conor McGregor has “relinquished” his featherweight title, making Jose Aldo the undisputed champion. Rumors are floating that McGregor did not exactly agree to this, so what we are gathering here is that McGregor was quite frankly stripped of his title. Why? Well, we can’t leave UFC 206 without a title fight. And for what it’s worth, the UFC had every right to do things this way.

Max Holloway and Anthony Pettis will now be headlining UFC 206 to compete for the interim featherweight title. The winner will face Jose Aldo in 2017 for a unified belt.

McGregor made history at UFC 205 as he became the first UFC fighter to hold two championship belts. Looks like his reign as king only lasted a couple of weeks. Sorry, McGregor. The Notorious has yet to release a statement or comment on the situation, but I’m sure we will hear from him soon enough.

The featherweight title has not been defended since UFC 194 when McGregor knocked Aldo out in 13 seconds. Then, things went a little silent until Aldo defeated Frankie Edgar via unanimous decision for the interim featherweight belt at UFC 200. Now, it looks like we are finally going to get this show on the road. We’ve been waiting for more excitement in the featherweight division, and it appears we will get it.

But let’s get to why we’re all here. Who is going to win the main event at UFC 206?

UFC® 206 Fighter Matchup

screenshot-www.ufc.com 2016-11-28 15-52-11.pngIt’s quite an interesting fight. I think we can all agree Max Holloway deserves this interim title fight after winning his last nine fights in a row. His last loss came in 2013 against the one and only Conor McGregor.

Anthony Pettis, on the other hand, we aren’t so sure about. His three-fight losing streak finally ended when he defeated Charles Oliveira in his featherweight debut back in August. But with only one fight on his featherweight resume, Pettis doesn’t give us much to work with here. Thankfully, he does have enough experience that we know his fighting style and know what we can expect from him at 206.  

We can confidently say that Pettis is practically a ninja. His martial arts skills are fantastic with his strong background in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The former lightweight champion’s unorthodox and aggressive style is hard to miss as is his unique striking ability, which is what will make this bout fascinating to watch.  Pettis is flashy – after all, he’s not nicknamed “Showtime” for no reason. He leaps, he spins, he springs off the cage, he does cartwheels. It’s entertaining and unpredictable, but it works for him and the crowd.

Holloway has killer striking ability. Just flashback to UFC 199 where his striking was on clear display. He dominated Ricardo Lamas, and it was a beautiful sight to see. Holloway may be young, but he throws like a fighter who has been around for much longer. His style is creative and eclectic – he isn’t afraid to throw technique right out the window. He knows how to pick his shots and land them cleanly. He perfectly shifts momentum with his excellent use of kicks. He is just as comfortable in one stance as he is the other, easily maneuvering throughout the ring and adapting to his opponents. I could go on and on about Holloway’s raw talent, but we will save that for another day.

Back in 2012, Holloway told the UFC he likes to watch highlight videos of fighters such as Anthony Pettis and Jose Aldo. He wanted to be known like how they’re known – as the best strikers in their division. Well, Holloway, I think you got your wish, and now you get to prove it.

I think this will be a good fight as both fighters are strong strikers and we will see a lot of arms and legs thrown every different direction. However, I think Holloway has the upper hand and will end the fight about halfway through.  

Our Prediction: Max Holloway via TKO/KO in Round 3

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