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UFC® 207 Recap

Posted by Allie Shriver on Jan 3, 2017 12:31:37 PM


UFC 207 was everything the world hoped for to end 2016. It had trash talk, drama, a fight change, and the most talked about comeback in the sport. This UFC 207 card kept us on our toes. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire UFC 207 experience; from weigh-in to the final knockout, we had the best seats in the house for everything.

While we had a great time, the results weren’t what we expected. We can admit when we’re wrong – this time we were very wrong. We made some hefty predictions before the fight and they were all proven wrong. Here’s what really went down.


DILLASHAW vs LINEKER - Dillashaw Win: Unanimous Decision


Dillashaw really showed what a champion performance looked like. He largely dominated this fight and proved that he is ready to battle for the belt once more. Lineker had a few good shots as well, but Dillashaw really kept improving as the fight progressed, both on the ground and on his feet. At one point, it looked as though TJ could have finished it with the Ground-N-Pound. This wouldbe Cody Garbrandt’s first title defense. No – it MUST be his first defense!


CRUZ vs GARBRANDT – Garbrandt Win: Unanimous Decision


A lot of bad blood going into this fight but the challenger, Garbrandt, would be the one to hoist gold here. Tons of hot-headedness and taunting coming from Cody as the rounds progressed, but he remained calm and collected. At one point Garbrandt dodged a haymaker and began doing the Robot! The first two rounds were very close as hard strikes connected on both sides. As we reached the championship rounds Cody could read every move Cruz made and for lack of a better term, Cody was “beating him to the punch”– literally. But Dominick will be back and Cody has already stated that he would rather rematch with Cruz than fight Dillashaw next.


NUNES vs ROUSEY – Nunes Win: KO


Holy Fists Batman! Nunes retains her strap and does so in less than a minute! Rousey does not like being hit and Nunes set up her 48-second drive with a hard jab. Amanda took her time and didn’t try to pursue too hard when she knew she had Ronda “on the ropes”. Nunes used her distance to keep Rousey from getting inside and turn her barrage into a ground game. I won’t get into the things that Rousey didn’t do. Nunes punches HARD and she connected most of what she threw. And with that, she takes home the “W” and her first successful title defense of her reign as champion.


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