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UFC® 218 Predictions: Holloway vs. Aldo 2

Posted by Victoria Barnett on Nov 21, 2017 4:00:24 PM

UFC heads to Detroit and we are ready for this featherweight matchup between Max Holloway and Jose Aldo! As you may have noticed by now, we like to make predictions for these title fights and this one is no exception. Although many fans were looking forward to Holloway vs. Edgar, I don't think we can really be disappointed in Aldo stepping in to take on the champ. This should be an exciting matchup and one you certainly don't want to miss. 

Our resident UFC expert, Mark Anthony, gives his take on how this fight will go down. Read his predictions below!

UFC® 218 Predictions

The most dominant featherweight in UFC history, Jose Aldo, gets a second shot at the title against the dangerously hard striker, Max “Blessed” Holloway. Here’s my breakdown and who I think will raise the strap at the end of the night…


Let’s start with Jose Aldo. You’ve got a guy who had an incredible win streak. Not just any though, a 10 YEAR streak! And while Holloway ended Jose’s reign at UFC 212, this time, Aldo has made his corrections and will be bringing every weapon in his arsenal to Detroit on December 2nd. What weapons you say? Well, if you have seen any of his earlier bouts, you know he is extremely strong and packs fantastic knockout power. One weapon we haven’t seen lately is his ground game. This is a skill he will try to utilize after experiencing the striking power of Holloway. A final weapon of Jose Aldo is his stamina. If he can succeed at getting Max to the ground, Aldo has enough stamina to keep him there well into the championship rounds.


Now we move on to the champ, Max Holloway. Plain and simple, this guy loves punching and kicking his opponents in the face and body. Max’s focus and heart is incredible, and he knows that when the doors to the Octagon close behind him, there is nowhere for his challenger to run. Max has 11 straight wins and inside of each win, you have seen his great cardio allow him to utilize footwork and angles to control the Octagon in his fights. Holloway is extremely creative, and his reach makes it very hard for his opponents to adjust and adapt. Holloway will need to remember that Aldo does possess the skill to win anywhere in the Octagon at any time. And with that said, Aldo will give everything he’s got to bring that belt back to Brazil.

So who do I think will wear the gold when Bruce Buffer sings? I think UFC is moving into a new era, and Max “Blessed” Holloway is the face of the new featherweight division. Max wins late in the 3rd.

There you have it, folks! Do you agree with Mark or have your own opinion? Let us know in the comment section below!

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