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Posted by Allie Shriver on Oct 27, 2016 4:27:50 PM

Octagon Girls

The UFC is filled with strong-willed, passionate, and talented individuals. They work hard to win and bring their intense sport to millions around the world. With the help of the UFC, UFC VIP Experiences is bringing these amazing fighters closer to their fans than ever before. For each numbered fight, we host a spectacular pre-fight party for our VIPs complete with fighter meet & greets. Over the last few years, we have watched the biggest names in the UFC mingle with our fans and make dreams come true. We’ve learned quite a bit about these fighters and we could probably make dating profiles for each of them. We’re taking a look at some of the big stars that continue to come through our doors.

The Man in Charge:

Dana White

Dana White

This man needs no description, if you know of UFC, you know who Dana White is. During fights, he can be seen hugging fans and enjoying each fight much like everyone else.


The Veteran:

Forest Griffin

Forrest Griffin

This Hall of Famer found his place in UFC history after winning the first season of The Ultimate Fighter. The former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion now serves the UFC in a fighter development capacity. He assists rookies navigating the sport and helps retiring fighters make the transition into the civilian world. He can be spotted in our hospitality at almost every fight socializing with our fans.    


UFC 205 Fighters:

Eddie Alavrez UFC 205

Eddie Alvarez

You know this man as the Champion Lightweight. He is a fan favorite from Philadelphia, PA. He has had 17 knockouts and 14 first round finishes. He is one of the nicest guys to come through our parties which means we’re cheering him on for UFC 205.


Donald Cerrone UFC 205

Donald Cerrone

Everyone knows that Cerrone is the UFC’s go-to guy for last minute fights. He will say yes to any and all fights. He wants to be a household name and he’s most certainly on his way. He has the nickname of “the Cowboy” because he loves the great outdoors and can often be seen sipping a Budweiser in our hospitality among his fans.


Miesha Tate UFC 205

Miesha Tate

“Cupcake” is just a nickname, Miesha Tate is anything but. This fighter is one of a kind and refuses to go down. She is beloved inside and outside of the Octagon. You can catch her in our hospitality stealing the spotlight with her beauty and warm personality.


Tyron Woodley UFC 205

Tyron Woodley

“The Chosen One” is making a splash as the Welterweight Champion. While he’s a super nice guy, he seems to have caught a lot of “boos” from the fans lately. He takes them in stride and continues to shine in our hospitality. He has extreme knockout power and quick moves that will carry him into continued glory.


Joanna Jedrzejczyk UFC 205

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Every fan of UFC watched this Women’s Strawweight dominate as The Ultimate Fighter coach this past season. She continues to dazzle in the octagon and out. She is super relaxed with the fans and enjoys spending time in our hospitality whenever she can. She’s the woman to watch going forward as big things will continue to come from her.


Party People:

Luke Rockhold

Luke Rockhold

Former Middleweight Champion, Luke Rockhold, enjoys a beer or two with us whenever he can. This California boy can be seen sporting his flip flops and interacting with our fans regularly.


Paige Van Zant

Paige Van Zant

While she made a name for herself on Dancing with the Stars, Paige is so much more. She is a tomboy we love to hang out with. Her bubbly personality and beauty take over our fighter meet and greets every time she makes an appearance. We love her and so do her fans.  


Holly Holm

Holly Holm

The “Preacher’s Daughter” is a joy to be around. We love having her in our hospitality. She’s the only fighter to have held titles in boxing and MMA.

Meet Your Favorite Fighter

We absolutely love hosting fighter meet and greets as a part of the UFC VIP Experience. We believe in creating lasting memories and giving you more than just a ticket. Why not attend UFC 206 as a VIP? Anthony Johnson, aka “Humble Rumble,” is facing Cormier for the second time. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet fighters, you will have access to the premium food and bar, and prime seats for the fight. This is an amazing opportunity you can’t pass up!


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