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UFC VIP Women's Edition: What to Wear to the Big Fight

Posted by Allie Shriver on Jan 1, 2019 8:00:00 AM

UFC What to wear

What to Wear to a UFC Fight

Anyone who is an MMA fan knows that a UFC pay-per-view fight is one of the biggest and best fights to see and be seen at. These fights attract celebrities, high rollers, fighters, and a lot of media from all over the world.

These UFC fights are held in major cities around the world, including Las Vegas — the home of the UFC. This attracts a high-profile crowd and die-hard fans from all over. If you want to go to this type of event, the only way to go is as a UFC VIP. This means looking the part of a VIP.

Official Ticket Packages from the UFC VIP Experience get our guests closer to fighters than ever before and exclusive access to an array of the weekend’s events. These events include the weigh-in and premium hospitality, so you need to look your best! Don’t panic if you don’t know what to wear, we’re breaking it down for you.

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UFC Weigh-in

Everyone knows the weigh-in is one of the most talked about events during a UFC fight weekend. Fighters trash talk each other, and their camps are in the front row assessing every move. With UFC VIP, you’ll have reserved seats as close to the stage as possible. This means you’re right behind fighters, celebrities, and media so you have to fit in.

You should think casual chic for this event – a step above jeans and a t-shirt but not a cocktail gown and suit.  Find a happy medium for this event that is comfortable to wear and makes you look good.

What to wear to a UFC fight

What to wear:

For ladies, this could be a romper with booties, a cute dress, or dark denim and a nice blouse. For the fellas, wear your best jeans and a button-down, a polo, or well-maintained v-neck. Remember you’ll be wearing your UFC VIP credential around your neck so necklaces and ties may get tangled. Pro tip: If it’s cold, a blazer or leather jacket will fit right in.

UFC Fight

If you’re with us, you’ll have exclusive access to the UFC VIP hospitality room inside the venue. This is the place to be! You will be enjoying gourmet food buffets, indulging in a premium open bar, sitting comfortably in this exclusive party venue away from the crowds of the concourse, AND rubbing elbows with UFC elite! You have to step up your fashion game for this event. As you can imagine with people from all over the world in one room, you will see an array of attire. Be sure to look your best in something comfortable to walk around in, sit at high top tables, and sit in your seat during the fight.

How to dress for a UFC Fight

What to wear:

For the ladies, dresses are the easiest way to go. Throw on a party dress in comfortable shoes and call it a night!  If you have an Octagon tour in your package, opt for shoes you don’t mind getting a little blood on. For the fellas, a suit jacket is always a safe bet. If you’d like a more casual look, opt for a polo and button down but avoid tee shirts. The same shoe rule applies to you, comfortable and can get a little blood on them.

No matter what you wear, you’re going to feel like a million bucks as a UFC VIP! Here are a few tips on fashion at UFC fights to keep in mind when getting ready for all the ladies out there.

  • DO Wear shoes you’re comfortable walking in. If you can wear six-inch heels and walk like a runway model then go for it.
  • DON’T Wear heels if you look more “newborn giraffe” than Giselle. Instead, opt for something lower to the ground, or wedges! It’ll still give you height while making your evening easy to navigate.
  • DO Wear a dress or skirt at a length that you’re not constantly adjusting. If you can rock a mini dress without feeling like you need to pull down the entire night or very slowly take your seat, then go for it!
  • DON’T Let it all hang out. Choose one area (two if you just can’t decide) and center your outfit around accentuating those areas. Remember ABC (Always Be Classy).
  • DO Dress up. If you’re a UFC VIP then you will want to look amazing! You’ll be seated close to the Octagon, and around celebrities and fighters so dress accordingly.
  • DON’T Don’t come to fight night in a ball gown, but you don’t want to look like a slob. You can still be casual and fashionable.

Dressed at UFC


Ladies, you’ve got the look, now go forth and see your favorite UFC fighters compete for titles and victories! With several huge fight cards in the works, get a UFC VIP Experience to see an upcoming title fight.

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